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Cuba Location information

Cuba Location information Anderson Cooper CBS News 60 Minutes

Cuba is a beautiful country, with a controversial history.Famous for its cigars, Cuba offers unique events, hot music scenes and also immaculate beaches.   The place has become the traveller’s dream, and is becoming the fastest growing travel destination of the world.

The diving sided of the tour takes us to Maria La Gorda, on the West side of Cuba, the peninsula Guanahacabibes (declared the Biospere Reserve by UNESCO in 1987)in the Pinar del Rio province.  This location is regarded as a diving mecca and boasts crystal clear waters and is also a magnificent option for eco-tourism.There are two dive areas; one to the north and the other to the south and the dive sites are a short distance from the hotel, which offers three boat dives per day.  Night diving is offered on demand.  The configuration of the bottom is scaled, allowing multilevel diving on abundant black coral walls.The dives sites offer wrecks from the 18th century, flora and fauna in excellent condition, no currents due to its geographical position and diving all year round.  For the technical divers, this area offers caves in the ocean and on land for experiencing cave and cavern diving.

Other than the diving this itinerary also offers some cultural / historical experiences:

The Vinales Valley: 

This is valley is the most impressive areain the Pinar del Rio province and is located about 200 km west from Havana city. This region is known for the cultivation of high quality tobacco (Cuban tobacco) and is considered by experts as the best tobacco in the world. Despite the many tourist visits the landscape is still “un touched”.  The Vinales Valley also boasts the "Mogotes", round hills, which are rock formations of lime stone covered with vegetation and palm trees. The environment and the landscape is so unique that it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Old Havana

Old Havana is the downtown area, and one of the 15 districts of Havana.The original Havana city walls are the modern boundaries of Old Havana. Old Havana was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Old Havana resembles Cadiz and Tenerife. AlejoCarpentier called it "de lascolumnas"(of the columns), but Old Havana could also be named after the gateways, the revoco, the deterioration and the rescue, the intimacy, the shade, the cool and the courtyards.

Old Havana boasts all the big ancient monuments, historical forts, convents and churches, palaces, alleys and the arcade. The Cuban State has undertaken enormous efforts to preserve and to restore Old Havana.

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