Group of 12 Guests Minimum


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Group of 12 Guests Minimum


Package Description

7 Nights land based dive package in the Marsa Shagra area including all scheduled diving.

Provisional Price Per Person Sharing – Excluding Flights

± R14, 990.00 Per Person Sharing

Extra Costs To Budget For

Staff Tips
€ 45 Per Person
Hyperbaric Chamber Support
€ 7 Per Diver, Compulsory, To Pay On-Site

Optional Extra Stays Description Pre-Booked

Fury Shoals – Including 4 Normal Dives

Elphinstone – Including 4 Normal 
Dives & Unlimited House Reef Diving

Tech Dive on Elphinstone Per Dive On Air

Price Per Person Sharing, Per Day

€58 Per Diver

€35 Per Diver

€55 Per Dive

Optional Excursions To Budget For (To Negotiate Price On-Site)

Desert Experience – Camel Ride, Desert Dinner, Start Gazing with Telescope & Constellations Talk
€75 Per Person To Negotiate Rate On-Site

All provisional pricing is subject to change without prior notice. All prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and are only confirmed upon receipt of full payment. Terms and Conditions apply.

Price Includes / Price Excludes:

Price Includes:

• 7 Nights / 7 days all-inclusive accommodation in en-suite chalets
(all meals, tea/coffee, water, soft drinks)
• All diving offered including 12ltr aluminium air cylinders and weights
(Guided day dives, unguided night dive and unlimited house reef dives)
(No dives on the day before departure – Scheduled Snorkelling with Dugongs on last day)
• Meet and assist at all airports within Egypt and all transfers to fit the tour itinerary
• National Park Protection Fee

Price Excludes:

• Additional activities in and around the dive villages (Activity list further in document – rates negotiation to be done on-site)
• NITROX – is available at €2 per 12L fill, on site.
• Return international airfares and/or airport taxes between Johannesburg and Marsa Alam
(Depending on which package is booked)
• Diving Equipment other than 12L cylinder and weights
• All tips to staff of plus/minus 45 Euro per guest payable in cash on the last day.
• Spending money
• All alcoholic beverages (you may bring your own)
• Egyptian visa for non-South African passport holders @ USD 35 cash at Cairo airport.
• Extended excursion stays are available for quotation, as well as an extended excursion doing a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan on an all-inclusive basis.
• Optional extra tours to Luxor only – we can quote on request.
• Anything that is not mentioned in the “Inclusions” capture.
• TEC(HNICAL) diving gas and rental equipment – rates list further in the document
• TIC Travel Insurance – Group rate for 12 pax minimum is ±R30 per day

Technical divers might have a few questions – please see more technical diving answers below.
Bookings are done via e-mail to rene@cquestdiving.co.za


Q: Which of the two areas are better for tech diving?
A: The unlimited house reef diving concept at the Elphin Stone reefs is better for tech divers and those who want the freedom to dive as much as they want and when they want, but the general BEST dive sites are at the Fury Shoals, where there is no house reef close enough to the village to walk to. The Fury shoals can only be reached by power boat.
The speed boats cannot take more than four (4) tech divers and their equipment at a time, at the Fury Shoals.
On the Elphin Stone side, we offer a certified TDI centre and instructor – the tech divers would normally have a check dive with the instructor and then dive the house reef within their cert limits as buddy pairs, independently. All outside diving will then be accompanied by the instructor.

Q: What are the house reef specifications?
A: The house reef at the Elphin Stone side is argualbe the best house reef in the Red Sea.
You get everything here; turtles, eagle rays, reef sharks (including babies), often dolphins passing or coming inside the bay, very rarely whale sharks and mantas can pass by and good quality coral gardens.
This is a natural bay with a North reef and South reef.
The reef reaches about 20m in the bay, and 30m on the corners. In the middle of the bay is a sandy bottom with reef at each side. Around the corner on the North side, it plateaus out between 12 m – 22m, then drops off to 60m +
On the South side it is more of a gentle sloping reef, again going to 60m+.
On both sides the top of the reef is just below the surface and snorkelers also snorkel all parts.
This reef is famous for its fish life and coral quality.

The house reef at the Fury Shoals, can only be dived at night, as you spend the whole day out at sea, to dive the Fury Shoals, so there is no time to dive the house reef.
The house reef here, is a fringing reef, that goes into a big sandy lagoon, with sea grass.
It’s a pretty reef and interesting for night dives, and not easily accessible from the shore.
This reef can easily be reach by zodiac, just 2 minutes from the shore.

Tech diving is possible on the Elphinstone reef itstelf – if the rest of the group wants to do recreational diving, the tech divers can visit the Arch on the South side at 55m and the crack on the North at around 46m. These are famous tech dives.

Q: What are the prices/rates like in August?
A: August would be the same price as in July, as this is our low season rates.
Our high season months are: March, April, May, September, October, November.
Low season months are: January, February, June, July, August, December.

Q: What is it like over there in December?
A: December is winter season, but we are far south enough to offer a warm trip.
December is still great for diving here – the water temperature is around 23˚C.
Daytime temperature is around 25˚C, and the evening/night temperature is 15˚C

Q: On the SIDEMOUNT side – do we have to pay extra for a second tank?
A: No, there is no need to pay extra, unless you need NITROX.
All our cylinders have valves facing the same way – SIDEMOUNT divers must be aware of this, for their configuration.

Q: Rental of stage cylinders; is that per day or per dive or is that the gas fill fee and there is no rental for the actual cylinder?
A: No charge for 12L cylinder, unless you want to dive with NITROX.
For other size cylinders, you will need to pre-book at a rental price as we will have to know how many you need.
We only have limited amounts of smaller cylinders and we would rent them from somewhere else.

Q: Is there an additional rental for TWIN SETS with MANIFOLDS, and are they available?
A: We have two (2) available, which are rented at €12 per day.
We will have to rent more from somewhere els should you need; therefore these items will have to be pre-booked when you book your trip.

Q: With the dives – are there time limits?
A: On a single cylinder the time limit is 75 minutes realistically, although we brief for an hour’s dive.

Q: If we use tech gear or sidemount gear and two cylinders – can we extend the dive time to 90 minutes or 3 hours each, computers allowing?
Will it be a problem if people do deco dives within their certification limits – both for depth and deco time?
A: If the whole group is doing this, then it will be fine, but we can’t have ½ the group doing normal 1-hour dives and waiting on the speedboat for the other ½ to finish.
If the whole group would prefer to do one long dive on one site, rather than to do two shorter dives, this is fine, but due to the schedule (itinerary) you book on this trip, it wouldn’t be possible to do the afternoon dive if you will be doing two long dives in the morning – there just isn’t enough time in the day.
As long as you dive within your certification limits, you can do deco dives, but this would need to be under the supervision of our tech instructor.

Stage tank up to 40% : €6
Stage tank up to 41% - 80% : €9
Stage tank up to 81% - 90% : €11

2 Regulators (Back Gas) : €12
1 Regulator (O2 compatible) : €7
Back Plate + Harness : €6
Double Bladders : €6
SMB + Reel : €6

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