Lake Malawi – Area Overview

Lake Malawi National Park was formed to protect its unique cichlid fish and forms a separate, bio-geographical province of the country. The lake is the southern extremity of the African Rift Valley, is over 700m deep, 80km wide and 600km long.


What makes this tour unique is that you will be staying inside Lake Malawi, on one of the islands! The islands are pristine and deserted, tropical islands and focus on non-motorised sports (Snorkelling and swimming, sea kayaking, scuba diving, nature trails and relaxing time in the hammocks).

The main island (Mumbo Island) is still in its natural state.


With no dangerous animals and with prolific bird life (Fish Eagles, Bulbul and forest birds), the islands are the perfect hideaway to re-cap and catch up on our busy lives.

The main island can only accommodate a maximum of 14 guests in tastefully furnished tents (all netted beds) and reed chalets with timber decks, hammocks, hot bucket showers and environmental toilets. The collaboration area boasts even a dining area (gas operated) and a well-stocked bar, a lounge and a water sport gazebo. The island has no electricity and all batteries are sent to the main-land-reception to charge. Water is drinkable and the bar sells bottled water too.


In tropical Malawi, the weather is temperate and warm all year round therefore they work on wet and dry seasons:

January and February; the islands are closed because of heavy rain and inaccessible roads. These two months are the peak of the rainy season.
March, April and May only see occasional rain, and warm temperatures, a beautiful time to visit. The air is clear with beautiful sunsets and the area is green after the rainy season.
June, July and August are their “winter” months. Although temperatures are mild, some strong south-east trade winds occur now-and-then.
September, October and November months are good months to visit. Although temperatures are hot and hazy, spending your time in the water will offset the heat.
December is a very good time to visit. This is the “spring” month and like March to May, you see occasional rain, with milder temperatures.
The recommended service charges are three to five US Dollars per guest per night, to all staff involved in back-of-house as well as to guides and in front-of-house. All special tips can be given to management to pass on to the specific staff member. All extra fees, including service charges (tips) can be made by credit card or cash, in any of the large currencies (USD, British Pound, Euro) or in ZAR and Malawi Kwacha.

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