Diving in the pristine waters of the Lake Malawi National Park – what is it like?

Lake Malawi is a freshwater marine reserve, 600km long, plus-minus 700m deep, and 80km wide. The lake forms the southern extremity of the African Rift Valley. The mean annual temperature is 23˚C and the annual rainfall averages 766mm.


The reserve was established to mainly protect its cichlid fish and their habitat and is also known to be the first freshwater marine reserve on earth. It is a great scuba location for Open Water divers, as well as for normal recreational diving – it is a relaxed dive, with very little (or no) challenges or dangers.

For the sea divers, Lake Malawi offers something different; tropical fish in an underwater boulder garden!


Because the lake falls under the tropical zone, the weather is temperate and warm all year round. The best time to visit is between March and May. If you can’t make March to May, try to go between September months to December months, which are also “good-weather-months”.


• The Canyon
For advanced divers, this site offers a drop-off (from 18m to 48m) and also boasts some swim-through’ s and pinnacles. The canyon is formed with huge boulders and granite slabs, a GREAT dive!

• The Wreck
On a depth of 30m a sunken hull is home to a resident cat fish and hundreds of cichlids. This superstructure is safe to penetrate and was sunk specifically for divers.

• Zimbabwe Rock
Advanced, experienced divers can dive this pinnacle in the Lake’s deep waters. Dive the huge drop-offs and maze-like swim-through’ s in great visibility.

• The Aquarium
This is a shallow site and safe to dive by open water divers, and also offers a great variety of cichlids. This dive is a must-do.

• The Baker’s Oven
Open water divers will enjoy this 15m dive, that is one big swim-through, that offers various entry and exit points, so you can ascent whenever you like. This dive is exciting and beautiful, a must-do!

Feel like diving calm water with great visibility that offers something different than what you are used to? This this tour is for you! It is a remarkable experience.


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