A trip to Sodwana Bay, with C-Quest Diving Safaris, is an adventure not to be missed! A well co-ordinated diving experience from start to finish. A vacation that is as jammed packed or as easy going as you want it to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all about the diving and taking in the world class reefs that Sodwana and C-Quest diving have to offer, but that doesn’t stop you from experiencing the local atmosphere that Sodwana has to offer on land. From local markets (try the pineapples, they are amazing!) to iconic beach restaurants. Making it simply the complete experience.
Early morning wake-ups, with the dive crew, to view the sunrise over the lagoon from the spectacular Sodwana Bay Lodge, with a cup of coffee of course, is a daily activity not to be missed. However, the best is yet to come! Once you hit the white beach sands and see the beautiful Indian Ocean diving is the only subject on your mind. C-Quest organises all land crew support for transporting and setting up your dive gear. So you can just relax and get ready to go dive!
The dive crews and boat skippers just keep adding to the exciting adventure. Their passion and love, for what they do, is simply contagious. They will even stop the boat to allow you to swim with dolphins. How incredible is that? It gets even better though. With up to two dives a day, at different dive locations, you are guaranteed to have an adventure and memories that will stick with you for a lifetime and after experiencing this with C-Quest Diving Safaris, a family that will stick with you for a lifetime to!
Eckhardt Horstmann
Sodwana Bay
March 2021


We appreciate all the feedback we receive from our scuba tour friends, divers and non divers, being part of your experience is priceless and truly treasured, thank you!
Red Sea 2018
"It was probably the best diving experience I have ever had the pleasure to experience, and the staff were the most incredible people."
Henry and Samantha got engaged on this trip!  Watch the video to see romance and magic in the Red Sea.

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